Mekan Arti - a contemporary performing arts company - is a non-profit organization which was established in 2010 in Istanbul. The aim is to have a regular programming of theater, dance and music, producing its own productions for theater, music and dance, managing international and local projects with partners.


The mission of Mekan Arti is to be a local formation of the universal contemporary performing arts  area and develop a cultural transformation model. It aims to create an innovative, provocative and dynamic art for the presentation of local and international contemporary performing arts productions and to be a meeting point for artists from different disciplines, for audiences from different cultures, languages and regions.


Recent Projects


Mekan Arti, gives importance to discuss about changing the structure on scene, experiment new staging techniques and focusing on the content. Mekan Arti, performed Turkey’s first “one” audience performance (The Following and Three) which was staged for three seasons.


“Not In Our Custody” was a simulative performance blindfolding the audience and focusing on Turkey’s recent history around the concepts of becoming a captive and authority-power-victim & towards Turkey’s political history and human rights. The play ends with the “Cumartesi Anneleri” (Saturday Mothers: a group of people led by women who regularly protested the loss of their children and kids under custody)


The 2011 started project “The Violence Triology” had three performances which thematizes violence to women, children and ideas in the recent history of Turkey. The project aimed to aware about violence and try to find the causes of violence.


Mekan Artı subjected human rights defenders in “The Voices”, and Turkey’s political chaos in eighties , in “Death and the Maiden”.


Regarding to experimental staging techniques; the audience is repositioned, new viewing perceptions and different staging structures are experimented in each play taking place in Mekan Artı.


Mekan Arti has been operating both in Istanbul and Berlin since 2018.