The “Alternative Scenes Association”, which was formed in March 2011 by bringing together 7 theater venues to contribute to the continuity of the venues and to find common solutions to common problems, continued its existence for 2 years with various activities and examples of solidarity.

Now a festival organization is added to this union. The association, consisting of İkincikat, Karakutu, Kumbaracı50, Maya Cüneyt Türel Stage, Mekan Artı, Sahne Hal and Şermola, which will continue with the name "Alternative Scenes", transforms the new mode of watching it has brought to the agenda with various activities during the last season into a festival that will meet the 2013-14 season. .

AltFest13 organized by AlternativeStage; It will take place between 5-13 October 2013. The festival, which will include local texts and productions, consists of two main parts: Production and reading theater.