"Mekan Artı" hosts one artist every week as part of the 24 hour project. The first name that will reveal a project within 24 hours is Cem Uslu.

The "24 hours" project of Mekan Artı is starting tonight. With the project, which will create a test area for polyphony and production, a single artist known in his field is hosted for a period of 24 hours and produces a new work within the framework of a subject determined by the audience. The artist, who will be invited every Sunday evening in May, creates a brand new job that should be ready at 20.30 on Monday evening with actors he has never known before, in line with his wishes, instructions and understanding. The artist is free to produce and show whatever he wishes in his project, which he will create from scratch. The only sad part of the job is that the work that will emerge will be limited to a single screening and a single venue.

To talk about how the project was born, its starting point is the aim of turning "Mekan Arti" into a trial space by focusing on experimental studies. Ufuk Tan Altunkaya, General Coordinator of "Mekan Arti", says that they want to work with young and alternative directors who are known in their field, especially with the increasing interest in alternative works recently and adds: We were curious about how it could be shaped and what it would reveal. In this context, the question of what can be done within a 24-hour period arose ”.

Questions such as 'What will the directors do with the subjects to be determined by the audience?' . Within the scope of the project, Cem Uslu from EKİP Theater is the first guest to present his project at "Mekan Arti" at 20.30 tonight.

In the 24hours project, following Cem Uslu, Eyüp Emre Uçaray from zeronoktaiki will take place on May 14, Serkan Üstüner at YanEtki on May 21, and Mirza Metin from Destar-Theater on May 28