"Arti2011" - "Hear No Evil" starts in May at Mekan Arti ...

Istanbul is hosting a new festival. The ARTI2011 festival, led by Tiyatro Artı, is organized with a different concept every year. Starting off with the idea of ​​“plus to art”, Tiyatro Artı includes works of art from all disciplines in this festival.

This year's slogan of the festival, which will take place at Mekan Arti is "Hear No Evil". ARTI2011 is interdisciplinary by combining studies from different disciplines under this concept. Puppet shows, talks and plays aim to show us what we ignore, ignore in this festival.

The issues that we are not aware of in the hustle and bustle of daily life, that we ignore, that we become insensitive to, and which we perhaps run away from, are surfacing with "Hear No Evil". Everything we were desensitized between 7-12 May 2011 is on the Mekan.Artı stage ...


Plus 2011 Festival Calendar

7 May Saturday
18:00 İ.Ü. State Conservatory - Pantomime Artists - Pantomime Show

8 May Sunday
19:00 TİYATRO ARTI - A Play Attempt on Murder
20:30 TİYATRO ARTI - A Play Attempt on Murder

Is it possible for you to kill someone? Hurt another creature? Just for pleasure ... Or to feel powerful ... Could you kill someone? Could the face looking at you through the mirror actually be a killer?

Theater.ARTI's new play "A Play Trial on Murder" explores human nature. Be ready to slaughter, be killed, destroyed, destroyed and just watch!

Monday, May 9
20:30 Halide Eşber - Last Half Hour

"Turkish" Virginia Wolf Writes "Stream of Consciousness" And "Turkish" Grotowski "Halide Eşber as an Actor! (Savaş Aykılıç, 06.04.2011, Mimesis)

It is a one-man play in the house where he was born and raised, where he had to stop by for only half an hour after the sudden and unexpected deaths of his parents, whom he had not met for many years, with his parents.

Tuesday, May 10
19:00 Social Memory Platform - Conversation
"Let the facts come out, whoever gets hurt is hurt!"
Social Memory Platform speakers will meet with the participants in a conversation within the framework of the festival concept.
Participation is free.

Wednesday, May 11

Tiyatro Artı returns to the days of the September 12 coup, based on Ariel Dorfman's unique work Death and The Girl. Selma, who was tortured during the days of the coup, gets the chance to take revenge on the coup and the coup plotters… “Death and the Girl”, which was rewritten based on Ariel Dorfman's play of the same name, is the scream of a silenced period.

How is revenge taken? Does violence purify people?

12 May Thursday
20:00 Theater Zet (Mentally Handicapped Theater Group) - Tartuffe

Mentally handicapped individuals who have been on the stage with the works “Wish My Life”, “The Language of the Body”, “A Wonderful Comedy”, “Play in a Game” written by Yaşam Kaya and Öykü Başar for 5 seasons, invite you to a professionally prepared feast.