Tiyatro Artı, having started to attempt at a new Project in 2009, intends to cast a scheme that interrogates the condition of women in the spectrum of West and East and takes on salvation image. It majored on the experiments about the ways leading to salvation for women in East, which afterwards concludes in putting it on a textual play. However,the run of events brings about the getting free from the text and turning into a real performance. ARTI, dwelling upon the eligibility of contemporary art technics, wanted to present it as a performing art that gathers interest more and more in Turkey...

The company, discussing according to the modern thinking sprectrum whether the salvation is possible for a woman whose body, spirit, vision are wounded by the assults in the juncture of hustling and bustling contention of East and West, which leads them to a problematic question: Is it really possible to be free?. Metis- The Resurrection is a keen observer of this woman figure who is tired and frayed because of this orientalist and occidentalist points of view and presents a concept questioning where is the womans voice in society?

Why Metis? Eastern and Western mythologys both material and trivial goddess, Metis is symbolized as a clue for the performance. She was one of the undistinguished women in mythology which could never make its goddesses smile, so eventually end their stories in death or pain one way or another. In this respect, Metis is a voice of the woman today, helping us to see if there can be salvation at all aars.

In the course of performance, ARTI which is depicting a travel from the East to the West, have the spectator question in which way the salvation could be achieved. Is the enlightenment in the East or the West? Is there an enlightenment?



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