Mekan Arti’s last play “After” has Premiere on the 20th of january in Berlin,

Mekan Arti's first production in Berlin! "After" calls its audience to pursue four different characters! It calls to a pursuit in various streets of Berlin."After" is an audiowalk theater project leading its audience through the city.

 With a special fiction, the audience takes a journey to the stories, lives, existence and essence of four different characters. In today's Berlin, they are trying to find the common points of these four different people who do not know each other.

With its fiction, carried out through phenomenon of migration, modernisation-inability to modernisation, the play, which has questioning and witnessing as aim over the people of today, forms its story through a protagonist we don’t see. Everyone is going after ‘’The Lady”, whom nobody actually has seen before.

Performance with three language options: English, German, Turkish
The start and end points of the performance are different. Please arrive at the meeting point at least 15 minutes early. Please bring an ID card or similar as a deposit for your headphones.  Be ready for longer walks (approx. 100min) and negative wheater conditions. Be aware that the peformance is not handicapped accessible.

Text by: Didem Kaplan
Concept / Direction: Ufuk Tan Altunkaya
Translation (English): Murat Baykan
Translation (German): Ufuk Tan Altunkaya
Sound Design: Jorn Hell
Production Manager: Ceylan Dizdar
Dramaturgy: Zeki Elveris
Photo & Video: Cagla Caglar

Performance: Aslıhan Börühan, Fatoş Uysal, Mesut Güngör, Sinan Güleç 


Starting&Meeting Point: Theater28 - Prinzenallee 33, 13359 Berlin

Tickets: 20€ - 12€ (Discounted)


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Tel: 03040535041

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